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What is a cash gift fund?

Wediquette is the free cash gift registry etiquette for cash gifts. Our specialty is providing a platform for newlyweds, friends, and families to contribute a monetary gift to the union. In today’s world, many couples’ greatest need is financial. Using thewediquette.com’s modern etiquette allows newlyweds to ask for and receive this gift easily while also allowing guests to give such a gift without any extra burden to the newlyweds.

Wediquette provides a free cash gift fund for newly-weds. There are no hassles, no gift cards, no list keeping, and no charges to the couple. thewediquette.com even offers modern, simple, customizable, time-saving ways for newlyweds to thank their guests and show their appreciation with ease, while remaining focused on their new journey together.

Wediquette also offers newlyweds the option to donate a portion, up to 100%, of their registry gifts to the charity of their choice in their name. We believe so strongly in giving back that we will match 1% of each charitable donation.


Wediquette The perfect gift in modern etiquette.

Every couple has their own singular conception of the journey on which they are embarking together for the first time.

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thewediquette.com offers a convenient gift-giving process that best meets your needs and those of your guests, providing everyone with a love-focused, time-saving way to receive and give cash gifts in compliance with modern etiquette.

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